The Mediterranean Diet


Every day we read of new research, which highlights the value of diet to humanity’s health and how it is connected with the avoidance of certain diseases and achieving longevity.  Of the varied global diets, one of the top ones is the Mediterranean diet that can be found in Greece and southern Italy. Scientists around the world agree that the traditional diet of these areas is far healthier than those of western countries.


The Greek version of this diet consists of produce that is grown in Greece and has formed the dietary habits of Greeks since ancient times. Today, two of the base components are olive oil as a source of fat and wine. To further define the diet in Greece the following items can be added; fruits like olives, vegetables such as potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, poultry, fish and dairy products.


The benefits of the Mediterranean diet are immense; a reduction in heart disease and arteriosclerosis, fewer types of cancer developing as well as protection against numerous diseases connected with old age.


These benefits outlined and their positive effect to our health as well as increasing longevity have raised the need for Mediterranean produce in western countries resulting in their importance for our diet.


The Peloponnese


The Peloponnese is the largest peninsula of Greece (21,439 km²) and has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is in this region that the Mycenaean civilization flourished and the earliest three Greek peoples, the Achaeans, Ionians and Dorians lived. It was here in Ancient Olympia that the first Olympic Games took place and important city-states developed such as Argos, Corinth and Sparta. According to mythology the peninsula took its name from Pelops, an ancient king of Achaia who founded the Olympic Games.


Due to its size and varied landscape, the Peloponnese has a huge wealth of produce and tastes. It is the productive centre of the Mediterranean diet for produce such as olives, olive oil, wine, fruits and dairy products, which have been grown here for thousands of years. The quality of the soil, combined with the traditional agricultural methods which are passed on from generation to generation and the climate have resulted in a unique taste that is valued and recognized internationally as important for the correct diet.


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