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Greek Feta


The beloved cheese, not only of Greece but the whole world!


Feta is a soft, white and salty cheese that’s produced from goat’s milk giving it a slightly sour taste, and is preserved in salty water within wooden barrels. It is produced in Greece using a traditional method from their goat or sheep’s milk at a ratio of 70:30 (and not more than 30% of goat’s milk).


There are a lot of varieties of feta depending on the area that it has been produced in such as Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Thessaly, the Peloponnese and Lesbos. The milk to be used in the process of making feta is first warmed and then drained, when it starts to congeal its cut into pieces, salted and placed into salty water, which is the preservative medium for feta. The longer it remains within that water, the harder it becomes. It takes two months to mature within the wooden barrels or specialized metal containers.


Although the production of this kind of cheese has been known since Homeric times, feta took its name during the period of Venetia rule of the Ionian Islands in the 17th Century and is derived from the Latin word “fette”. Feta can be eaten alone or can be consumed with cooked foods, salads or fruits. It is also used in the production of pies that can contain meat or chicken and can be fried.


Greek Feta cheese is a P.D.O., of 56% maximum moisture content and of 43% minimum fat content on dry weight.




Is a traditional soft Greek cheese. There are two species of anthotyro: fresh and salty.


Fresh is soft, white cheese with sweet taste usually used as a main constituent in “tyropita”.


Dry is quite salty, spicy and is used in pasta dishes or salad.


Maximum moisture 70% for fresh and 40% for the dry, with a minimum fat content on a dry weight of 65% for both.




Is a soft, white cheese produced from sheep or goat milk.


It’s a P.D.O. of 75% maximum moisture content and of 40% minimum fat content on dry weight.




Is A medium-hard pale yellow cheese which is produced either from sheep’s or a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk. Kasseri is one of the most famous greek cheeses which stands for Its fine aroma and flavor. As it is soft to chew, the olders may love it. It can also be used for making pizza and soufflé.


The name “Kasseri”, produced in Greece is a protected designation of origin in the European Union.


Kasseri is consumed as is, in sandwiches, as the main constituent in kasseropita pie, or in “kasseri tiganismeno” or saganaki.


It’s a P.D.O. of 45% maximum moisture content and of 40% minimum fat content on dry weight.




A savory hard cheece , for those who love spicy and tasty cheeses, produced in the regions of Western Macedonia, Epirus and the prefectures of Aitoloakarnania and Evrytania.
Hard cheese, characterized by the separate holes in its mass. Produced from sheep’s milk or a mixture of a goat, the latter being present in less than 10% by weight. Ideal for fried cheese, and if well seasoned, make wonderful and spaghetti.


It’s a P.D.O. of 40% maximum moisture content and of 40% minimum fat content on dry weight.




Is considered as the oldest of the hard cheese in Greece. It has a salty, tangy flavor and pleasant aroma, achieved after curing at least three months.


It is made from sheep’s or goat’s milk or a mixture thereof, in the regions of Central Greece, Peloponnese, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Crete, the Ionian Islands and the Cyclades.


Depending on the mixture of the milk used in the production of cheese, it varies between yellow and white color. Kefalotyri is consumed in pies and also as saganaki (fried cheese).


36,3% maximum moisture content and 40% minimum fat content on dry weight.




Greek cheese made from another cheese whey (sheep, goats or cows, according to the area that is prepared), with the addition of fresh milk.


The flavor is similar to manouri , usually brackish, but there are also sweet varieties.


There are two spicies of Myzithra: green and dry cheese. The green is soft and is quite similar to cottage cheese. The dry is harder in texture and suitable for grating.


70% maximum moisture content and 50% minimum fat content on dry weight.


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