Honey is rich in nutrients, aroma and taste and belongs in the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet and shouldn’t be excluded from our daily diet.


Honey is produced from the nectar that bees collect from flowers and the secretions of certain trees. In Greece the main kinds of honey are Thyme-honey, Pine-honey, Heather-honey, Cotton-honey, Fir tree-honey, chestnut-honey, citrus-honey and Sunflower-honey. Honey’s value has been acknowledged since ancient times. For the ancient Greeks honey was not only to be consumed, but also offered to the gods to placate them. Due to the rich flora, Peloponnesian honey has been recognized as one of the best worldwide.
Apart from the production of sweets, honey is used in cooking to make sauces for meat or fish or salad dressings (along with mustard and oranges). It is also used for the production of alcoholic beverages such as Cretan raki.


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